Zero-WAste Campaign Internship

Position Status: Filled

Research public/private models for commercial composting operation. Research best practices re: trucking, facility resources/equipment. Research and (possibly) develop educational/outreach materials for residents & businesses. Explore permitting & possible sites in Franklin, and laws related to organic waste in NH. Conduct financial analysis (ways to save money or fund the program, income streams, grants, etc.) Calculate/estimate volumes of organic waste (get info from Harvey’s ENV301/302 class from 2014-2015). Develop model for pilot composting program with CATCH Housing and/or other PermaCityLife partners. Work with Franklin officials (Brian Sullivan) and/or Tim & Colby Morrill (local landscapers/permaculture designers).  Draw permaculture designs for composting site (and/or other landscaping business clients). Compile above info into report for use with town officials, business owners, residents, grant agencies, etc.