What are others saying about their experiences with the Franklin Falls project? 

Being able to work in Franklin and alongside community members was a great learning experience, not only were we able to apply what we’ve learned about environmental issues and sustainability in class to a real scenario, but we can also take the skills we’ve learned in Franklin and apply them now. It is wonderful to see other efforts to promote sustainability continuing to take place in Franklin, and I can’t wait to see the results!
— Carrie Brewster '16, 2014-2015 Community-Based Research Project class

It was amazing to see that in just one weekend you can learn so much about a community and their values. This small weekend project allowed me to realize how many opportunities there are in permaculture.
— Sarah Appleton '18, Fall 2015 Urban Permaculture class

I was so happy to be involved with such a collaborative effort. The course content and how it was delivered were instrumental in orchestrating a fantastic experience. We came in with all different levels of experience in permaculture and were able to create something truly extraordinary...I would love to continue learning in this way.
— Jennifer Hammond, Community Participant, Fall 2015 Urban Permaculture class

Urban Permaculture was an incredible experience that taught me how to look at a problem and develop a solution by taking it all one step at a time. By understanding what is around you and what you are working with, there is a permanent solution, and with the skills I have developed, I now understand the steps it takes to achieve your goals.
— Jake Conroy '17, Fall 2015 Urban Permaculture class

Working with the City of Franklin for my junior year provided so many opportunities to grow academically and professionally. My teamwork skills increased, as well as how to interact with city officials. I found this project to be an excellent combination of my interest in sustainability and sociology, and with my work in the focus area of waste management, I gained a great appreciation for Zero Waste lifestyles and how to implement them into society.
— Emily Earnshaw '16, 2014-2015 Community-Based Research Project class

I was glad to see that Colby-Sawyer is putting Permaculture into its curriculum, and had a great time at dinner after the final class! After spending two days in Franklin as part of the course, I’m more optimistic that something good will happen there.
— Dick Devens, Retired Landscape Architect, Fall 2015 Urban Permaculture class {Also member of the original Franklin Falls at Odell Park permaculture design charrette team}