Summer 2018 Student Engagement

business plan development for New arts block

Alyssa smith '19

Business major Alyssa Smith aided PermaCityLife in their development of a business plan for the proposed Arts Block in Franklin. She conducted research on economic impact case studies and various similar business models, and identified potential sources of funding for some of the art components. 

intensive Class: Designing the green lot

SUS320 - sustainable Project management II

This spring term class took the research they compiled on green infrastructure in January, and analyzed how it could be incorporated into the city plan of Franklin. The students met with all the primary stakeholders (the Mayor, City Manager, Director of Planning and Zoning, PermaCityLife, and numerous community members), explained green infrastructure to them, and inquired about the best utilization of green infrastructure in Franklin. They developed a permaculture design of a site that included an existing parking lot adjacent to a building that was to be demolished. In the design, which they presented to the stakeholders and town officials, they kept the parking spaces and incorporated a bike and pedestrian pathway, bioswales to catch water runoff, a pond to hold the water, lights for the cars and people, and plantings that would add aesthetic and environmental value to the space.

Stacey Doll