Summer 2016 Internships

zero-waste campaign internship


Responsibilities Included: Researching public/private models for commercial composting operation. Researching best practices re: trucking, facility resources/equipment. Researching and (possibly) developing educational/outreach materials for residents & businesses. Exploring permitting & possible sites in Franklin, and laws related to organic waste in NH. Conducting financial analysis (ways to save money or fund the program, income streams, grants, etc.) Calculating/estimating volumes of organic waste (get info from Professor Pine's ENV301/302 class from 2014-2015). Developing model for pilot composting program with CATCH Housing and/or other PermaCityLife partners. Working with Franklin officials (Brian Sullivan) and/or Tim & Colby Morrill (local landscapers/permaculture designers).  Drawing permaculture designs for composting site (and/or other landscaping business clients). Compiling above info into report for use with town officials, business owners, residents, grant agencies, etc.

Lea taylor

tourism and sustainability internship

outdoor new england (oNE)

Outdoor New England is preparing to take the first step of a multi-phase approach to support healthy active lifestyles through environmental attachment. We will be working hard to provide the region with new and different outdoor amenities and outdoor educational programs, while uniting those New England companies already doing amazing things. These internships are to work collectively developing and integrating a comprehensive marketing plan, as well as, supporting business development through administrative tasks. 

The marketing plan will include social media outreach and tourism/travel outreach. Similarly, it will include marketing strategy, implementation and adjustments to reach target audience. The document structure will be outlined prior to starting. Coordination, presentation and support of meetings with tourism/travel local and state administration agencies (City of Franklin, Choose Franklin, PermaCityLife, Lakes Region Tourism Association, Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, NH Department of Resource and Economic Development, and NH Travel & Tourism) is required. Clear, effective and respectful written and oral communication are required. Ability to operate as part of a team, ability to work items to completion, hit deadlines and communicate concerns in a timely manner are required.

Sandip Subedi