The 'Sustainable Learning Initiative at Franklin Falls' is a program of Colby-Sawyer College in partnership with the nearby community of Franklin, NH.

The purpose of this initiative is to develop a model for an innovative, collaborative, transdisciplinary, community-based living laboratory that is replicable in other locales, and which addresses the financial sustainability of higher education as well as the planetary sustainability of our human institutions. We aim to design a multi-faceted, on-site and online, experiential learning program that is tied to real and evolving community needs. So far, our students have been involved through internships, classes, senior capstone studies, and independent projects. 

This initiative has received two rounds of funding from the Davis Educational Foundation Innovation Grant in 2014 and 2015.

Our hope is to integrate numerous sustainable practices within the downtown community of Franklin, NH, so that we may rebuild their local economy and revitalize their urban atmosphere. We have been working closely with PermaCityLife of Franklin, and you can read more about each of the different project initiatives here

Original Permaculture Design Charette Vision and Outcomes

The 2013 permaculture design charette for Franklin Falls at Odell Park was hosted by Todd Workman and led by Lauren Chase-Rowell and Steve Whitman.  Some of the ideas and plans developed by this dynamic group of permaculture practitioners have evolved since then, but the core concepts and vision remain true.