Outdoor New England is looking for a Historical Research Intern to help tell the greater story of Mill City Park. Franklin once lived as a booming mill town with the twin rivers driving the force behind it's success. Mill City Park hopes to use these same rivers for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly type of success, and needs your help to do that. 

  • Research the history of the site for Mill City Park in Franklin NH. This would include the 3 mills and dam, collecting documentation of the history, photos, what were they and why they stop functioning.
  • Look at historical data about what was the river like before it was damned up? What's the current state of the river--has been much altered and not eligible to be a scenic River designation. Now it has rebar, concrete, invasive species, architectural remnants--the whitewater park will be putting it closer to its natural state, cleaning it up. Prove the case and value of the park and look at other examples.


Please submit a resume and cover letter to Marty Parichand at marty@outdoornewengland.com. Email or call Marty at 603-491-8694 if you have any questions. 

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