Fall 2018 Student Engagement

Student assistance in After-school Programs 

CHI206 - Family & Community Collaboration

This child development class is teaming up with Krystal Alpers from the Franklin Parks & Recreation Department (and related service organizations such as the Food Pantry & Head Start Program), to coordinate activities and develop youth programming. There are eight different students groups working with children in the school system that each focus on something unique, with projects such as teaching a dance number, designing and painting a mural, and creative writing.

Amy Lyons

Researching solutions to the local opioid epidemic

PBH306 - Health research methods

This class is conducting research and providing support to the Mayor's Drug Task Force, with focus on the opioid epidemic.

Anne Sosin


Developing graphics for the arts block identity system

GD422 - Identity systems design

This graphic design class is collaborating with PermaCityLife to develop an identity system (logo, tagline, and related materials) for the Arts Block Project. 

Hilary Walrod

sports advertising assistance

Ess214 - Facility plannign and event management

ess428 - sports management senior seminar

These two classes are partnering to work with Jim Jones of the Franklin Outing Club to collect business sponsors and create a logo for their Winter Carnival booklet. 

Joan Lehoullier

Stacey Watts