Early Childhood & Parent Educator Internship

The Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center has teamed up with NH Listens to build their Early Childhood Resources and Coalition.  They are looking for a qualified individual interested in helping them build this program and also serve as a parent educator for positive education. 

Job Description

To be a successful Parent Educator/Facilitator you must become able to do the following always:

1. Follow Agency Policy and Procedure.

2. Operate according to the Agency Handbook (practice guide, policies and notes within competencies.)

3. Meet departmental goals and/or outcomes.

4. Work collaboratively with parent participants and community professionals including DHHS, DCYF, community referral sources and referrals from family court.

5. Co-facilitation of evidence based family/parent education programs, collaborative decision making, assessment of risk to children, application of strengths-based practice and family support principles and coordination of services.

6. Maintains commitment to culturally competent, trauma-informed, family-focused, child-centered, evidence-based, data-driven services.

As an Intern, these will be progressive learning goals. 

Job Responsibilities

40% - Facilitation Parent Ed/Drop in Play Group for Infants to age 4, (Classes: Positive Solutions for Families, Nurturing Skills, Cooking Matters)

15% - Assessments of Strengths, Needs and Risks (Using the 7 areas of Wellness Strength Based Assessment as a guide)

15% - Collaboration (Participation in the Early Childhood Coalition)

20% - Family Support (Through the GTA-FRC Family Support Office)

5% - Administrative (Minimal Contact Notes, Reporting Out)

5% - Advocacy ( Exposure to Family Supports NH, Family Resource Centers of Quality)

Prior to accepting an intern, a support plan for the student’s education will be created by the Agency Director and the intern for approval of the intern’s educational supervisor. Our goal is to enhance the intern’s resume with worthwhile practical hands on experience. This will act as our internship agreement.


Location: Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center, Tilton, New Hampshire, 03276

To apply: Send resume and cover letter to Scott Burns (President of the Board of the Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center) at scottburnsstaterepresentative@gmail.com

A criminal background check is required for all volunteers/employees/interns who work with families. Apply Now!