Fall 2016 Class Projects

Media Advertising Franklin's initiative to the community 

BUS407 Advertising & Social Media

Our main objectives are to tap into the nearly 6 million consumers within 6 hours of Franklin and, more specifically, the over 20,00 cars that pass through it's Main street each day. We would like to get these people to stop and check out Franklin, and our main mediums of achieving this goal are; starting up a new Instagram page with Franklin Falls/SLI/ONE (Outdoor New England) /PermaCityLife related pictures. We really want to knock the online marketing piece out of the park. We also want to familiarize ourselves with these programs and gain experience marketing non-profits like PermaCityLife and programs such as the Sustainable Learning Initiative.

Jon Mccosh

Developing a marketing plan For proposed multi-use Park

ESS428 Senior Seminar in Sports Management

The students in ESS 428 Senior Seminar in Sport Management class will be coordinating and collaborating with students in the GD 422 Identity System Design class and Marty Parichand of Outdoor New England (ONE) to develop a marketing plan and identity system for the proposed Franklin Falls Whitewater and Mountain Bike Parks. Each class is participating in the Sustainable Learning Initiative at Franklin Falls. In this particular experiential learning activity, the students in ESS 428 will develop the marketing plan while the students in GD 422 will develop the identity system. These projects, although separate, are closely interconnected. For example, it is challenging to market an organization that does not have an identity!

The learning outcomes for the sport management students with regards to this particular project are completely aligned with the learning outcomes for the college:

·      Learn and use a broad body of knowledge with depth in their major field

·      Enrichen and deepen their self-knowledge

·      Think creatively and critically

·      Act ethically and professionally

·      Understand multiple perspectives

An additional learning outcome for me and my students is to work together as learning partners and consultants on this project. The students will have a strong say in how we complete this project and how it is assessed. Typically I provide the assignment guidelines and criteria for how it will be assessed. For this project, we are developing the guidelines and assessment criteria together. 

Having the opportunity to work on this project is an amazing opportunity for our students. It supports the liberal education and pre-professional philosophy of learning both in and out of the classroom. Our students also have the opportunity to work across disciplines and help each other achieve common goals and objectives. Furthermore, the students will work to help achieve the goals and objectives of the Franklin Falls community. Page 7 of the Colby-Sawyer College 2016-2107 catalog states “Liberally educated persons understand that they are part of the broader community. They appreciate the need to serve in that community and be responsible for themselves, for others, and for the natural environment.” This project brings this statement to life!

Stacey Watts

Bioassessment of the Winnipesaukee River in Franklin

BIO317 Aquatic Ecology

ENV201 Water Resources

Students are performing a bioassessment of the Winnipesaukee River in Franklin.  There is currently a proposal to do a restoration project on the river which would include a white water river kayaking course.  The purpose of the bioassessment is to document the current health of the river using macro invertebrate sampling and measuring physical and chemical characteristics of the river water.  The macro invertebrates that live in the river are excellent measures of river health as they are relatively long-lived, can’t migrate great distances, some are sensitive to water quality impairments, and so if present in the samples collected have to assimilate the varied conditions of the river.  This baseline database could then be used as a comparison when additional sampling is done after the restoration occurs.  It will be an effective tool to assess if the restoration project alters the water quality and/or the aquatic biota that live in the river.

Nick baer

Designing a Community Garden for Franklin

ENV316 - Sustainable Food Systems

The students in the class will work on a design for a community garden in Franklin. The next steps will be to meet the stakeholders, develop a clear idea of the goals and objectives and then to start analysis of the site.

Leon-C. Malan

Developing a logo and related visual identity system for proposed multi-use park

gd422 Identity Systems Design

The GD 422 Identity System Design class, comprised of junior and senior Graphic Design majors, is developing a logo and related visual identity system for a proposed multi-use park in downtown Franklin that is envisioned to have whitewater features, a mountain bike pump park, a community garden, an eco-village, and an event space. The Graphic Design students are collaborating with Marty Parichand of Outdoor New England (ONE) and with the ESS 428 Senior Seminar in Sport Management class that is developing a marketing plan for the proposed park. This project provides the opportunity for the students to employ relevant methods for research, making, and collaborating in order to create effective and versatile solutions for a real-world branding scenario.

Hilary Walrod

Introducing students to the new Community-based sustainability bachelor program

sus101 Introduction to sustainable community development

The focus of this class is just to introduce them to the City of Franklin and the work being done by PermaCityLife and CSC. As the first class in the new major this is just an opportunity for them to get an overview of the project history and to see how the collaboration is working. We will also take a quick tour around town so they have a better understanding of the layout of the community.

Steve Whitman