Capitalize on your own creativity, intellect, passion and grit to change the world for the better. 

Be part of the solution.


This unique partnership with PermaCityLife and other regional stakeholders gives students and faculty the opportunity to design and implement projects that support higher quality of life, a vibrant local economy and true community resilience.

Students like you have contributed to the city's Master Plan, developed company logos, created signage for the local bike trail system, constructed an access databases for the upcycled art gallery and conducted a parking inventory for redevelopment planning.  Opportunities abound--from individual assignments to year-long classes, in summer internships and senior capstone projects--students practice using the skills they will need to excel in their careers while making a real difference.

Sound like fun? Ready for more?

Colby-Sawyer has created a unique 3-YEAR DEGREE program that takes a whole systems approach to sustainability.  It is grounded in practical skill-building that gives you work experience while you learn.  Participate in our unique January and May intensives that take you out of the classroom into the businesses and community organizations that are doing the real work of energy-independence, local food production and zero-waste. 


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3-YEAR degree in Community-Based Sustainability.

A real-life, hands-on curriculum for change makers.


What does it take to design a city that is inviting to all ages and income levels, where residents have access to all they need to live, work and play?

A city that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs as well? 
Come help us find out.

Sustainability is a lens.  

Sustainability is a way of life.

The world needs writers, educators, graphic designers, business people, historians, artists, scientists and philosophers who can view their work through the lens of sustainability.  It needs innovative individuals in the fields of public health, recreation and agriculture that have the needs of both current and future generations in mind.  

The world needs you.

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