Projects in Franklin Falls

Initiatives are emerging in Franklin Falls which are designed to create a community that is a model for supporting a vibrant local economy, ensuring resource conservation and preservation for the present and future generations, providing an improved quality of life, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

As advocates look to support viable local businesses, increase access to local food, reduce waste, improve health and well-being, switch to renewable energy and more, there are many small and large tasks to be accomplished that have relevance for nearly every major we offer at the college.

Many of the projects are interdisciplinary by nature, so it is possible that students from several classes might be working together simultaneously or collaboratively in the same project. Some examples of potential projects in Franklin to support include:

  • agro-ecology center
  • alternative transportation
  • arts, culture, and entertainment
  • bike trails
  • boutique hotel and hostel
  • food hub and maker space
  • holistic health care center
  • local brewery and restaurant
  • outdoor recreation
  • permaculture garden
  • recreation center
  • satellite campus
  • senior housing
  • zero waste and recycling facility

Call for Faculty Engagement

Colby-Sawyer is examining our curriculum to identify where classroom learning can be applied to hands-on experiences in Franklin Falls. If you have an assignment or project of any size that can enhance the learning opportunities of students and is beneficial to you, we welcome the opportunity to consider your request for student engagement.

To determine whether a component of your course is a good match, keeping in mind that there is flexibility for projects that provide compelling learning experiences for students, look at the following topics:

  • alternative energy
  • alternative transportation
  • arts, culture, and entertainment
  • audio and video production
  • behavior change
  • business and manufacturing
  • collaborating with schools and youth
  • collaborating with nonprofits
  • communications and marketing
  • drug prevention and addiction
  • health care management
  • historic preservation
  • local food hub
  • outdoor recreation
  • policy development
  • project management
  • research and data collection
  • senior citizens support / assisted living
  • water and biodiversity
  • working with health centers and hospitals
  • working with service agencies
  • zero waste and recycling facility

We're excited about connecting you with relevant community partners who will allow your students to develop practical skill sets while also supporting an emerging, real-life revitalization project.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form on the Post a Project Idea page.

For more information, contact Jennifer White at or (603)-526-3793. If you are interested in participating, you can download the pdf below for more details:

Faculty Engagement